Get Started

Thank you for using Iapps2u Digital Business Card.

Step 1 – Go to the Customizer panel

The first step in customizing your business card is to go to unter your name, job title and upload your profile picture. To do this, go to Appearance> Customize on the left menu of your dashboard.



If you are on the frontend of your Business Card website and you are logged in, you can also assess the Customizer from the top as shown:


Step 2 – Upload Your Profile Picture

When the Customize dashboard opens up, click on Site Identity.

In the Site Identity panel, select “Logo with Title and Tagline” on “Change Image” to upload your profile picture. Make sure that it has a transparent background:



Step 3 – Enter Your Name and Job Title

Scroll down and you will see the Site Title and Tagline. Enter your name in the Site Title field and your job title in the Tagline field.