Create QR Code

Step 1 – Go to the vCard section

To create your personalize QR Code, log in to your Digital Business Card website Dashboard. On the left menu panel, select MeCard/vCard QR codes and click Add New:

Step 2 – Enter your name in the title field

  1. Once you have click on Add New, you will see the following screen. Enter your name in the title field. You can upload your company logo so that your QR code contain your company logo in the center of the QR code.



Step 3 – Enter your contact details

In the card fields section, enter phone number, email, company address and those fields that you would like to be shared as a vcard. (Tip – enter your company name in the “Nickname” field. When it is saved into mobile phone, this field will appear below your name. So it is useful to use this field for Company name.)

Once your have entered the information, remember to click “Publish” on the right side panel.

Step 4 – Add your QR Code via Widgets

This is a final important step. To have your QR Code appearing on your Digital Business Card footer, you have to login to your dashboard, go to Appearance>Widgets. Then look for the QR Code drop down menu and select Footer, and Add Widget.

After you click “Add Widget”, you will find the widget in the Footer section. Select your QR Code name (which you have entered as your name) and click save. You can choose to check the “Allow save QR code on click” to allow people to save your vcard in vcf format on computer.