Add Social Icons for Sharing

Step 1 – Go to Social Buttons settings

You can add social icons on the front page of your Digital Business Card website so that people can easily share your business card. To do this, login to your Dashboard, scroll down to the bottom and on the left panel, locate the Social Buttons> settings as shown below:


Step 2 – Drag and drop the social media icons to the ACTIVE row

In the Social Buttons setting page, drag the social media icons that you want to use for sharing to the ACTIVE row. Then select the design of the icons:


Step 3 – Define the position of the Social icons

After selecting the icon designs, choose how you want the social icons to appear on your digital business card. We are using the free version of the Social Button sharing application. Hence, only 2 out of the 5 options are available – either on the Sidebar or as Inline. Inline means that the social buttons will appear in the contents of your webpage.

You can set other settings such as whether the icons are to show the number of shares or to have animation, etc. After the settings, remember to click save. Now, go to the frontend of your digital business card. You will see the social icons appearing.